In this lesson we gonna deploy your server, the place where your WordPress website will be installed latter in the course. It’s pretty straight forward and really fast so, no worries. If you already have a CloudWays account have it open up on a tab and if not you can create a free one now with this (affiliate) link:

This is an affiliate link, I will get a small payment
when/if you upgrade later on.

Why CloudWays over others hostings?

In my opinion CloudWays offer is simply superior to others hosting company’s for less money. I use it on all my websites and clients websites and never get a problems so far. Their service is easy to use, scalable with one click and out of the box give you a super fast server! Take a look at some comparaison points:

What CloudWays does that WPEngine don't

What CloudWays does that SiteGround dont

What CloudWays does that InMotion dont

What CloudWays does that ServerPilot dont

What CloudWays does that HostGator dont

Do you have any questions regarding this lesson?

I’m here to answer all of them in the forum

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